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03 Jul

Aspris Fostering Services featured in Barnardo’s Warm Welcome report

Aspris Fostering Services featured in Barnardo’s Warm Welcome report

Aspris Fostering Services has been featured in a new report published by Barnardo’s, which sets out a blueprint for supporting displaced children seeking protection in the UK.

Our team of experts were privileged to contribute to such an important piece of work, sharing their experiences of providing foster care for separated children seeking asylum for more than a decade. This involves providing expert training for foster carers and offering counselling to the children and young people who have faced traumatic journeys.

The report states: “When considering whether a separated child is a good match for a prospective foster family, Aspris requires local authorities to confirm the provision of translating services for the benefit of the child and their prospective foster care. This ensures that separated children and young people are afforded meaningful discussion in their own language.

“Aspris consider that this is essential if we are to ensure that the wishes and feelings of separated children and young people are understood and advocated.”

Our team of expert Social Workers at Aspris Fostering Services consider what’s best for the children they’re supporting at all times, helping them to have the best experience possible.

With years of experience in placing separated children seeking asylum, the advantages we have seen to caring for these young people have been in abundance. We have found that most children:

  • Quickly develop warm relationships with their carers
  • Have often been well cared for by their own parents and are used to house rules and boundaries
  • Have good school attendance and a desire to learn
  • Possess a strong work ethic
  • Will often keep in contact as young adults living independently within the community

Sally Gregory, Managing Director at Aspris Fostering Services, said:

“We’re so proud to have contributed to this report. Our dedicated team have helped to provide children with safe care and meaningful experiences, and we’re delighted that our service is being used as a benchmark for other care providers.

“We support the report’s recommendations to include counselling and translators for children seeking asylum, and training for the preparation of foster carers for separated children.

"It’s a privilege to be part of their experience and development as they live a safe, fulfilling life in the UK.”

If you’d like to learn more about Aspris Fostering Services, please click here, or call our friendly team on 07549 224818.