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Case studies and testimonials

Read about some of our foster carers and find out how they decided that fostering was the right option for them and hear more about our foster carers' experiences with Aspris.

Yusuf & Amanda

Click the video below to watch Yusuf and Amanda talk about their experience with Aspris Fostering.

Sara and Bob

Both ex-teachers, Sara and Bob have been foster carers for a total of nine years, the last two of which have been with Aspris Fostering Services. Sara had previously thought of fostering before she met Bob, but the time was not right and she didn’t have a spare room. When they got together they had a house full of children and weren’t looking for a career change.

However, when most of their children had grown up, they were ready for a new challenge which would allow them to use their skills both as teachers and parents, and decided that fostering was perfect…

Click here to read more and download the case study

Jenny and Phil

Jenny and Phil have been Aspris foster carers for over four years. They currently have three teenage boys on placement. Before they became carers, Jenny worked as a florist and Phil was a foreman for a scaffolding company. They had been thinking about fostering for some while but were not sure it was the right thing for them to do. Once the last of their four children had left home, they contacted Aspris Fostering Services to find out more…

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When Amy had an accident, her whole life changed; she had to retire from a job which she loved and her relationship with her partner ended. She found herself wondering what direction her life would now take…

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Interested in fostering?

If you are considering becoming a foster carer, we would love to hear from you. For more information, please call us on: 07549 224818.